Wednesday, September 02, 2015

Warsaw Airport Lounge

On a recent flight from Warsaw back home to Switzerland we arrived at the airport over 1.5 hours early.

This is unusual for us, because normally 45 minutes maximum is sufficient given that we have checked in online and have our digital boarding passes with us.

But we got an email indicating a change of policy leaving us with much longer flightside at Warsaw Chopin airport.

Chopin airport is, like much of Retail in Poland barely recognisable to the airport even 10 but certainly 15 years ago.  Then, Marcus never had lounge access and there was 1 coffee shop where you could buy a rather unappealing coffee and snack.

Instead now Marcus and Agata are firmly in, a beautiful, business lounge courtesy our our Priority Pass card

I found the very choicest fresly prepared desserts

Some beautiful pre packaged desserts
Freshly ground coffee with ultra modern machines.

And the results were

Agata happiness

Marcus happiness.

Some guy conducting a free video conference using the free Lounge WiFi.  Oh boy, things have really changed in the last 10 years.

And so

It is goodbye from Agata

And goodbye from Marcus,

but, we will be back.