Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Waiting on a Friend

Rolling Stones: Waiting on a Friend

Agata had a meeting in town recently and so as a dutyiful friend and husband we drove down into town amidst the rain so she could be on time.

Not only is Agata a friend, she is of course Marcus' best friend, and since her meeting seemed to drag on and on I had plenty of time to ponder how nice it is to meet up with friends in general, ideally face to face.

Marcus's paranoid aside!

I want to start with the downsides.   Well,  Lausanne, one of Switzerland's largest towns, with a population of over 100,000 people now has 3 Starbucks outlets.

About 7 CHF for a Grande coffee, I had to wait somewhere. Everything is ultra expensive in Switzerland, and Starbucks is glad to play its part in this regard here too :-(

About 45 minutes later, car parking expired, still no Agata, I walked back in the rain and sat in the car.   Oh boy, a high turnover carpark with a succession of careless or is it carefree motorists close parking.

Do you know the feel of outrage when a new arrival stops, then throws open their door, not even checking or noticing whether it will hit your car.  It's at times like this that I am thankful we chose the Audi TT over the (wider) Nissan GT-R

Back to the Plot

After a long wait, Agata re-appeared, her meeting over and we could continue the rest of our day.

So,  in conclusion, as we get older, and then a lot older, the importance of keeping, nurturing and sustaining good friends becomes critically important.

In these digitally prolific days, at least talk over Skype, or Google Plus,  keep in touch with each others ups and downs, and try to meet face to face whenever possible.   You will feel better for it, just try.

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