Saturday, September 12, 2015

The Color Run Lausanne 2015

Agata and Marcus had high hopes of the Color Run, Lausanne. Oh yes, so what is the Colour Run?

It's an innovative idea, you make a short run, and during its course you pass through colouring stations where you get sprayed with bright colours .  We also got a bag of brightly coloured powder that we could use to throw at each other at the finish area.

We had high hopes and the metro was full of like minded competitors all smiling

A lot of people all waiting in a corral before 10.00 for the race start at 10 am.

10.30 and Marcus is still waiting to start his 10.00 run.   The line has not moved a centimetre.

10.50 and Marcus is pretty pissed off and still waiting to start his 10.00 run.  I got out of the corral queue and just lied down on the grass

We started just before 11 am

Agata Run Report
(Agata writing because Marcus is too f***ing cross)

Promising 'the happiest 5K on the planet' it did deliver a party atmosphere and the novelty of getting covered in a colour powder whilst running the 5 km route. A fun run for everyone meeting traditional Indian festival.

In the start packet we've received the start number, tshirt (mandatory to be worn during the event), a bag, temporary tattoos, a bag of coloured powder and a headband.

Plus the race organisation, four 'colouring' stations in the way and the finish party.

All for a hefty price of 37CHF plus booking fee.

Overall we think it's rather overpriced comparing to other fun or amateur races in the area, see the 'course de centainare', free, or Tour de pays du Vaud, 20 CHF per stage.

Also, the organisation wasn't fully thought through. Basically the event wasn't prepared for the amount of participants it offered to accommodate. It transpires that many participants did not collect their starting packets during the two previous days but instead everyone queued at Bellerive desks 15 minutes before the planned start. This effectively blocked completely the start of the race, which was delayed by one hour, without much explanation...

Afterwards a painfully slow staged start was allowing for small groups to be sent out on the course. About a half of people walked and a lot seemed to have a great time rolling in the coloured powder at one of the colouring stations. Each station comprised of a group of dedicated volunteers who had time of their life spraying the powder at everyone else. Plus music.

By the time we reached the finish, we were already behind the schedule for our next planned event of the day ( see next post). Due to this unfortunately we weren't able to join the finish party... Brief look at the cordoned off area with a big stage showed us that there weren't any liquids provided at the finish. 5km not being a huge distance, nevertheless the day was hot and the number of people huge... Big omission for an event that calls itself a 'run'.

Anyway. It was worth to try it once and we will rather avoid in the future, unless the price becomes more adequate.

And in the end we were lucky as always to have met our friends, who in the end have made the whole event what it really was - a fun run in a nice company :-)

Marcus Summary

Novel idea. An overpriced event with poor organisation.   No refreshments or water stops. No timing.  Poor race number distribution.

Colour Run official Site