Monday, September 07, 2015

That Bloody Car

The Loaner Car

I think the above YouTube moan says it all.  I have just spent more time than I care to remember with a terrible loaner car whilst ours was at the Bodyshop.

A few weeks ago a middle aged lady hit the side of our car as she attempted to change lanes from stationary traffic.   Recently I took the car for repair and was given this as a temporary loan car.

Exhibit your honour:  15 year old Volkswagen Polo.

Windy flupping windows

A relatively sporty interior missing an important Air Conditioning button.

Yes, there was a local heatwave and temperatures got upto a staggering 35 degrees C.  Un flippining believable.

So whilst visiting a friend at the weekend, I got so fed up with the stop start motoring nightmare, in scorching heat that I texted that I'd give it another 40 minutes to cover the remaining 8Km otherwise I was just going to turn around.

Eventually I got so frustrated I stopped the car, and in schoolboy tantrum mode refused to drive a metre further handing keys to Agata.

Agata found driving the car problematic too.  The clutch needed fully depressing and she found her foot slipping between the pedals simultaneously trapping it and stopping her changing gear.

It was a flipping nightmare.

So as the video say,s good riddance to this trauma of a car, we are pleased to have our modest baby town car back, with electric windows and Air Conditioning and all.