Tuesday, September 08, 2015

System Guys and Girls Love Firmware

Being a hardcore Systems Guy (or Girl) in 2015 is not something that many people can or want to own upto today.

And why?

Because, today low level machine knowledge is shunned.  The Black boxes are maintained by the little people. And if possible all those rather mundane, boring and certainly lowly paid Systems jobs are outsourced to a far away land.

But I can tell you.

A real systems person takes pleasure in their Firmware levels.   And so recently with my macho Systems and Firmware hat on I set about upgrading the firmware on a new SSD Hard Disk.

Of course now, rather than later when the disk contains something.  After all, get it wrong and I could 'brick' the whole device.

Crucial now provide an online OS level update tool:

And of course I am proud to say, the damn fancy GUI tool did not work.  

And so we are back to the old fashioned way

- Burn a CD
- Or today make a bootable USB key
- Containing Linux and the flashing code
- Place SSD disk into a caddy in the old PC tower that I reserve for these activities
- Boot from key and make sure only the new SSD is cabled, to avoid any disasters
- Yes it is back to the command line

Yes it is all done, and when firmware is upto date, System folks smile.

I smiled.


NB: I've found that the Rufus utility is very good at making bootable USB keys, or even bootable OS keys.

And before you ask, well of course 10532