Saturday, September 05, 2015

Sunday Sermon: Waste Not, Want Less

Back in 2012  Marcus commented on /Wasting Not/ .   It is now 2015 and it is time to revise the mantra.

Actually this was brought to mind whilst patiently not [yet] eating my new Marks and Spencer Rice Porridge for breakfast.

Waiting then
- I desperately wanted to try out the new Gluten free, Rice Porridge. 
- But I was committed to first to finish off food in the house, in particular existing Porridge.  So I had to wait one more day.

My initial mantra as taught to me was /Waste Not, Want Not/.  But once you are past subsistence living we all develop wants and need variety.  So we all enjoy testing out new foods and new experiences.  Just, that I would not make it an obsession.

Rice Porridge
Here is the review

+ Filling Like All Porridge
- Comes in Individual sealed sachets.  Lots of packaging and rather wasteful IMHO
= Gluten Free
= No oats, made from rice and maize.
--- Tastes absolutely disgusting!   I would claim to be a Porridge connoisseur (in Switzerland I select the particular grains of Porridge for maximum health benefits) so I don't make this claim lightly
--- Even with flavouring of honey and cinnamon  (my standard) it still tasted disgusting.

But when none of this matters
By this example  I'd like people to consider the values of

+ economy: don't just throw food away, because the packet is almost empty
+ patience: I had to finish the current packet before diving into the new one
+ consideration: Your health matters, to you, to your friends (who will be upset if you are ill), and society  (they will typically to pay directly or indirectly for medical bills and services if you eat yourself longterm sick).

You can and should start by considering small. Wanting less and wasting not are founding principles for a respectful lifestyle.

But once you've established the principle then of course concentrate on the big ticket items.

-- You must have the latest smartphone, even though you use only a fraction of the capabilities of your current one
-- You change not just some, but most of your clothes regularly, just because they bore you.
-- You change your Car yearly even though it still does the job admirably, and even though you rarely use it at all. You like to have the latest one.
-- You do your best to overpopulate the planet, possibly the ultimate selfish action, often using the excuse that your God or earth bound representative advised you.

So please:  Waste Not and Want Less.

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