Sunday, September 13, 2015

Sunday Sermon: Remembering Dave Allen

Dave Allen: An introduction to Religion  (6 minutes)

The Irish comedian Dave Allen was one of the comedians who really made you think.

His stance on Religion was at the time quite radical, and on the UK BBC television channel his sketches famously resulted in letters of complaint against the fun that he poked against the Divine.

Since he was born in Dublin Ireland; his formative years exposed him to the Catholic church, whereas his television shows were broadcast primarily Protestant UK mainland.

On the surface then his humour could have been seen as exposing the inconsistencies with Catholicism but it's a slippery slope with Christianity and Religion in general following closely behind.

I can firmly credit Dave Allen then for making me think about the inconsistencies and hypocrcies within the Christian religion.   Both his comedic brilliance and his insights are just as valuable today in 2015 rather than in the late 1960's when I first viewed them.

Dave Allen: On Life
The older generation
When is it time to die?

Dave Allen: On Smoking

Dave Allen: God's own comedian
(59 minute documentary)

If you have the time I would be honoured if you could watch the above clips and search for more on YouTube.

In Summary
If you hold a set of Religious views and beliefs that support and direct the way you act in this world, you should at least think about how you came to those beliefs.

Because if it was a 'mere' accident of Birth that you were born at this correct time, at the right place, to the one true religion.  Well that was lucky, eh.

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