Saturday, September 19, 2015

Sunday Sermon: Leaving a Faith

Cory Monteith: Losing Religion

This week in Religion I've been struck by the number of articles passing my desk about people, usually Christians who have left their faith.

Dave Rubin talks to Cara Santa Maria

My Take
First I hope you have about 45 minutes to watch the Cara Santa Maria interview.  It covers not just secularism but leaving the Christian church, in this case Mormonism.

If you are restless then goto 09:11 in this wonderful video.

But it's not all good.   This week also saw a deluge of written articles, Podcasts and the writings of the ex religious arguing that they still wanted to remain in their Christian diocese, and in at least 2 cases of Pastors, who yet they'd officially renounced their faith, wanting to stay on in the religious position.

The argument seems to be that they want to help others who are participating along the same journey.

For me I'd say that if you are in a Religious faith based leadership position and you have doubts, which lead to a crisis and then a rejection of your faith, it's time to step down and move on.  If you are say a Pastor, then resign and broadcast your thoughts in a different way.

Conversely, I don't condone the shunning or exclusion of a recently de-converted person by their family, friends or associates.  Many religions have this with us or else policy, and indeed it's a classic bully with power; scaring individual without it; tactic. If you are religious, and your friend de-converts, they can still be your friend, and if your religion pushes you into shunning them, then perhaps you too should be asking questions.

To close some almost related pics

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