Sunday, September 06, 2015

Slave to the Kitty

Grace Jones: Slave to the Rhythm
(or in this case for us: slave to the kitty)

As a cat devotee it pains me to declare

Agata and Marcus are off to feed that Bloody Cat, again.

I am a patient man, who waited 4 years for one of the local cats to become friendly, but I draw the line at our friends ungrateful cat, who over many years has never been bothered to show himself when we make special efforts to feed and water him.  Would today be any different?

After a leisurely 28Km cycle we arrived with spare house keys to the kitty house.

Kitty was initially located in lounge.  We went to kitchen to prepare some nice wet food and replenish the water etcera.

On return.  Kitty vanished.   Typical!

A long time of searching later ...

Kitty found skulking under corner of a bed, would not come out   (as usual!)


We cycled back to Equissima which we were now late for. Hmmm.

We arrived just too late for all that horsey jumping.  They were packing away

 There were awards

 The odd interview

 Young girls riding bareback

 Buggie demonstrations

So what did I learn today?

- Always make extra time to feed ungrateful kitty

- I found another great new YouTube channel whilst researching appropriate music

Monie Love: It's a Shame

Mastering Video Youtube channel
Scientists finds cat's don't value their owners

(no shit sherlock!)