Wednesday, September 02, 2015

Seagate Archive 8000GB 8TB Hard Disk Drive

Subtitle: Still Working!

Marcus has been testing his first 8000GB ( 8TB) Hard disk now since April 2015

How much Data!

The initial picture above shows this 8TB disk sitting on top of my largest vintage disk.  That is a staggering 160MB.  My normal Vintage hard disks are about 20MB.

So this new disk is 50,000 times larger than it's grandfather. In my lifetime, that is impressive technological progress indeed.

Who needs this Data Volume?

About 5 years ago more technicians would have said everybody!   These days many people are looking to the Cloud for secure bulk storage.

Personally I think the Cloud model is currently flawed.  It's dependent on your (fibre) upload rate you see.  Even for us at > 900Mbps upload  ( > 90 MB/sec, oops did I just disclose that!) it would take over 1 day just to upload 8TByte of data at Wirespeed.  And believe me nobody we have tested including Google, Dropbox, iDrive etcetera gives us that wire speed upload capacity.  And for example Crashplan backup service is only able to manage 0.5MB/second, so 8TB up to Crashplan takes over massive 150 days, without a break.

So yes, I firmly believe that the Cloud model works well for data sets upto 500GB today with a ultrafast fibre connection and Cloud provider providing decent (say > 10MB/sec.) upload speeds.

But if you have <a lot> more data then look to local storage.

Consolidation Strategies

For over 2 years we have implemented and recommended 4TB hard disk storage as a fast day to day medium.  Either Direct attach to your main household 'Server' PC and / or in a Network Attached Storage  (NAS).

Now we are suggesting a transition to 8TB local disks.

With this in mind Marcus has been testing, and testing, and testing his first 8TB disk.  Really testing especially because Storage friends are a bit skeptical of Seagate's hard disk reliability record, and losing 8TB of data, well, now that would be a restore!

Here are the relevent screens from HD Tune Pro 

 Read Speed is at least 100MB/second and usually more

 Write speeds were also suspiciously impressive!

 Read Random

 Write Random

 File Benchmark

 Quick Scan

 Error Scan start

Some 15 hours later it finished.  As you see I am taking no chances here.

Finally some wrapped and then naked drive shots ....

 Sexy right!


Computer components in our household get a hard life.   Our 8TB server drive has been used aggressively now for over 4 months.  No issues to report so far!   In Switzerland the drive is readily available for a tiny 250 CHF from Digitec