Monday, September 14, 2015

Samsung Seagate Momentus 2TB Hard Disk Drive

The Disk drive industry in 2015 continues to be a poison chalice.

It seems that principles of supply and demand don't seem to reasonably apply in this sector

- The demand for spinning hard disks continues to increase significantly year on year
- Whilst SSD demand is of course, talk of the town, it is used by the industry and by consumers for boot disks and caching. Mass data is stored on larger capacity spinning drives
- Nobody seems to be pricing their spinning disks at a profit. Accordingly disk manufacturers have been giving up and moving onto more profitable lines

Another disk Marcus?
I use a single spinning disk as a customised staging area for Cloud storage.  Here is the principle

- We don't <yet> trust the cloud storage model
- Normally cloud deletion is mirrored by deletion on the local system (assuming your cloud provider is like Dropbox or Google, runs with the model that it's simply replicated a strict  mirror to your local storage)
- We've experienced problems, particularly with Google Drive for high file volumes,  and I mean millions of files

So instead we use the following paranoid model

- Data is stored locally on large spinning disks
- Particular areas of data are copied daily to a single local 'Cloud Disk'
- That disk gets Cloud replicated
- When we are mobile we have free access to all our datafiles
- Any datafiles that are edited on the go are first copied to a 'copyback' area on our mobile device, edited, and pushed back to the master server on our return.
- We might edit/ update <10 files on a mobile trip compared to the 2 million distinct files that are clouded.  So not such a big inconvenience then.

With the drop in pricing of DropBox and Google Drive it was time to increase the Cloud staging disk to 2TB, that's now the working set of data that we Cloud.

And so the need for a 2TB Cloud disk to replace the older 1TB model.

Considerable analysis revealed the Seagate Momentus as the best choice, and the best price was a badged unit from Samsung!

 A Seagate disk branded by Samsung

Specifications and Performance

Using my favourite HD Tune Pro:

5400rpm, but then this just needs to faster than our Cloud upload, so this spin speed is just fine.

Aside: Whilst our new and almost infinite upload bandwidth is ready to take on almost the full transfer speed of this disk  (no, I am not kidding),  the Insync, Google Drive replicator uploads usually at no more than 4MB/sec 

And the best that I can get Dropbox replication is 'just' another 4MB/second.  Pathetic!!

Anyway, moving on... More data

9 hours of testing, but hey, why not be sure?

Technology has reached a point that today 2TB, 2.5inch Hard Disks are almost at the commodity level.  This is an example of a Samsung retail part which is a badged Seagate.  2TB for under 100CHF.   To Marcus, it's a wow.

This disk has been in service now for 6 months and has never missed a beat. Like all our technology, it has to work it's butt off.  And reliably.

Long may that continue.