Sunday, September 27, 2015

Pioneer MVH X380BT Car Radio

Pioneer MVH X380BT pre fitting

This is a review and a strong thumbs up to the Pioneer MVH X380BT car radio that we have installed and now tested in earnest for a few weeks ....

Our Requirements
It has been over 10 years since Marcus and Agata have stopped using CD's as a medium for listening to music.   In fact Marcus checked and it is about 15 years since I finished digitising my entire Vinyl music collection and following that with my multiple hundred CD music collection.

It's now all in MP3 format, stored on hard disk, Google Play Music, and Cloud Backup.

So I was delighted to find that in the Car radio world you can now buy a 1 din Radio unit which has no CD player at all.

After some research we bought a:

Pioneer MVH 380BT

The most fantastic thing is this unit fits into a standard 1 DIN fitting but is only a few cm deep, i.e. short because there are no CD player moving parts or electronics.   Just fantastic! Oh, and did I mention the price ... 100 CHF in Switzerland which is about 60 GBP.  Un flippin believable.


You are not going to believe this, but after arriving at our garage to fit this technological masterpiece, we found a hole where the aerial plug in the dashboard did not fit.


Obviously in Switzerland we had no chance to buy this locally so it was back to ebay.

We bought this for 1GBP!  Including Postage.  How do they do that?

The Fitting

2 weeks of waitin later after postage from Hong Kong.

 It's basically plug and play.

- Plug in the aerial via the ebay'd adapter plug
- Plug in the 2 square blocks coming out of the Fiat Ducato hole into the back of the radio

The manual says that if your ignition does not have an accessory position then to rewire a power connector.  We don't and we didn't.  It's not necessary for us.

Not Used
In the box was a wired microphone that would allow you to use the unit for hand free smartphone operation.  We don't use that.   If we get a call whilst driving the passenger takes it!

All the Benefits then

 Agata's Apple iPhone connects via the standard Apple cable or wirelessly using Bluetooth.  You have the option to select music control from the iPhone or Car radio Interface

Removable front for security

Marcus connects his Apple iPod Nano or Android Smartphone wirelessly via Bluetooth, selecting music directly from the device.

Since in Switzerland we have an unlimited Internet SIM connection this means I can use Spotify to play any music, anywhere, anytime through this unit

Oh yes and again

- Unit is inexpensive
- No moving parts i.e. CD player mechanism
- Very small and light
- Plug and Play

The Pioneer MVH 380BT is a fantastically simple, inexpensive and capable car radio which can also accept a direct wired USB music player or Bluetooth.

All stations are now GO!

Chemical Brothers: Go

ebay Radio Aerial connector