Thursday, September 24, 2015

Old American Cars

Part of the 'old' American dream was surely the ownership of an American car, at least this is how it was sold to me in my childhood.

So it is perhaps no surprise that I had planned to buy an American Corvette and Camaro and import it back to the UK when it became clear I was quitting the USA and moving back 'home'.

The more realistic truth about the classic American car is that

- It looks great

- It usually has a problem with corners or high speeds in general
- It drinks petrol quickly
- Its reliability is well, a disaster
- Its technology seems to be set in a time-warp, with big inefficient everything, dashboard and upholstery and colour schemes that time forgot
- In the UK the steering is definitely on the wrong side of the vehicle

Still for all the faults, the American marketing machine has embedded into my small brain a lust for American motors.  So the other day I passed a Swiss garage full of them I had to start snapping

I suppose these days most American realise that the American car and the American muscle car are all of impractical and inefficient, but in my heart, if I had the funds, and a spare garage, then one of the slots would still contain some American Muscle.

David Bowie: Young Americans