Sunday, September 13, 2015

Happy New Year

Subtitle: Happy Jewish New Year

It's long been my belief that secular societies such as the one that we enjoy in Switzerland are right to accommodate a variety of Religious beliefs.

In our home town of Lausanne, Marcus and Agata have personally experienced not only the Catholic and Protestant mainstream versions of Christianity.  We also have had first hand contact with the Mormons, the FSM and even the Raliens

Of course, this accommodation does not include the right to gift any religion a right for them to then exclude or prejudice other religious or those without religious beliefs.

We have tolerance for all but the intolerant

I found an article that expresses this more clearly that I can put forward, so here it is:

Gad Saad: Accomodating Religious beliefs in Secular society

And in a timely fashion, here is a companion video

Secularism and the Jewish New Year

Shanah Tovah.