Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Google Nexus event 2015

Google: Nexus event September 2015  (82 minutes)

Subtitle: Not what but where.

To levelset,  Google had its largest end user announcement of Phone and Tablet hardware for all of 2015 on Tuesday September 29th.   If you somehow did not know about it then read on and pretend that you did.   If you did know about it, then below are some carefully chosen content to direct you quickly.

A word to Apple Users
Even if you are convinced that your Apple Smartphone and Apple devices ecosystem are the best, I hope you might want to open your mind to what Google,  the company that is almost certainly your search provider, and probably your Email provider,  and significant app provider;  has in store.

The Delivery
The above 82 minute presentation was not perfect, it came complete with a couple of technical glitches.  But it was refreshingly delivered, in earnest, straight to the point, no nonsense terms.  

Also, unlike the Apple events that I've been forced into,  there were no whoops, cheers and clapping sounds every 30 seconds from fanboy and fangirl attendees.  Respect.

What was announced then?

Verge: Google Nexus event in 7 minutes

IF you only have 7 minutes of your time then watch this single Verge video.

else ... apart from the main official video at the top screen which is the big kahuna at 82 minutes long ...

2 Beautiful Android Phones   5X and 6P 

(32GB 5X 429 USD, 64GB 6P  549USD)

Comment: With 12MP rear cameras and larger pixels, the 6P is using the 7.81mm Sony IMX377 sensor

Updated Chromecast

Chromecast allows you to send or cast content from your smartphone or web browser typically to your TV via HDMI.  Unless you SmartTV already provides this function (e.g. Samsung) then IMHO you'd be insane not to gen1 have one already  and current ownership or not, the new gen2 device is unbelievably capable and even better value.

Oh and also Chromecast Audio

Pixel C Android Tablet

A beautifully Engineered 10 inch tablet with superior keyboard support. It's not a Chromebook. It does not run ChromeOS.

Android Marshmallow features

(Smug comment):  I have been using Marshmallow 6.0 Android for about a month now. It's a nice upgrade to 5.x 

Production code upgrade to existing Nexus devices in October 2015.

Getting Product

- First try your local google Play store

- Next try your local Computer Retailer,  e.g. in Switzerland Digitec.https://www.digitec.ch/
 (nothing so far!)

NB: Stoic Advice
Whilst what was announced was great, I'd always caution the reader to think of requirements and need, over greed and having to have the latest thing.  

If you pass that test, and think these products are for you, I'd still take my time to order the phones or tablet, there can always be wrinkles.  But for the Chromecast(s) I reccomend to order now!

A Musical Ending (Daft Punk: Derezzed)

You know Apple gets to have those big budget musical finales.   So I just added mine too.

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