Friday, September 25, 2015

Farewell to the Crashplan Cloud

Subtitle: Oh Crashplan

Marcus has been a moderately happy user of the Crashplan cloud backup service.

I wrote about it here in January 2015

But there have been some important changes to our lives:

- We made the mother of all upgrades to our Internet connection
It's not for full pubic disclosure yet, but suffice to say that Crashplan is now uploading at less than 1% the upload capacity of our line.   As an exercise to you the reader then look at the above graphic.  Calculate our upload speed!  Yes, it is quite insane

Whilst our Internet connection has got faster and faster, now to a quite unimaginable degree, Crashplan speeds have just stayed static.

No good!

- We plan a future mobile lifestyle

If we are at home less then ultra fast upload and download speeds for backup when we are here become critically important, because when we are back we need to resync everything.

- I had to restart the backup

Using some additional techniques to make our Crashplan backups more secure meant I had to restart the uploads from scratch.  

As you can see (from above graphic) it will take almost 80 days for this new backup to complete and that assumes 24x7 on for the upload server, which is not the case. It's more like 8-12 hours daily. So it will take considerably longer in fact.

- So sad
Of course it will sad to go, especially as I have invested over 1000 hours of upload time in keeping these cloud backups valid.   All of that will become just wasted effort.   You can't just 'take' your cloud backup to the next provider,  obviously you need to start from scratch with a new provider.

- I raised a ticket
I don't really want to go, because functionality is okay.  It is just that the speed sucks when compared to the raw upload capabilities of (say) Dropbox and Google Drive or even iDrive.

So if technical support has any magical solutions I am all ears.  I have however read the forums and done my research so unfortunately I doubt that I am missing something fundamental.

Cancelling Crashplan

So I both deleted all my data at their server end and followed it up by deleting my userid.  There were several "are you sure" prompt messages


The service was and still is excellent

There is forum support and even one-2-one technical support

Crashplan does enable you to backup and restore your files

The cost is quite modest

There is no limit to what size of backup space is available to you on the host.  It's unlimited.

There are abilities to backup multiple computers to your single Cloud Crashplan account for a relatively small extra cost

There are some clever initial data seeding abilities  (now also available with other providers) to send them an initial dataload on a disk,  available only for US users (last time I checked)

To me they have everything I need except the speed which at say 5Mbps upload is woefully too slow in 2015

Whilst iDrive is not perfect it's my current preferred cloud provider