Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Electric Mountain Bike Testing

As keen cyclists Marcus and Agata are cynical about Electric bicycles in general.

Why can't you just cycle we ask ourselves?

However in our home town of hilly Lausanne we do notice that Electric bike owners are capable of shooting past us on the steep gradients towards our home.

So when we heard that Tandem Lausanne was laying on an Electric Mountain Bike demo at our nearby running forest at Chalet a Gobet.  Well, we had to go

Our Findings

- We were astonished at the level of assistance provided by Electrical assistance

- These bicycles are Lithium Ion battery assisted

- Usually Bosch powerpacks, upto 500Wh seen

- Tandem quote Torque ratings of upto 75Nm,, not sure how this is measured.

- Removable battery pack

We are not great Mountain Bike fans but can readily see that an Electric City bike could really be a powerful proposition as an assisted City commute vehicle

- We note in Switzerland that there is a new scheme  bike4car  which allows you to hand in your car license plates for 2  weeks in exchange for an electric bicycle rental.   How fantastic.  We think this could be our next step.

Bike4Car Swiss Energy

Tandem Lausanne
Tandem Electric Cycles
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