Saturday, September 12, 2015

Cotes de l'Orbe Half Marathon 2015

Marcus is delighted to report that he and Agata had a wonderful time at the Cotes de l'Orbe half marathon.  At the end of the event Marcus had to be led to our car and driven home.   It was that good.  Read on ....

What the website says

If you practice running, walking or Nordic walking. If you enjoy the conviviality.
If you like dress up. To take part in an event which is not like the classics.
If you have heard of the Medoc marathon. This race is for you. We offer a course of rare beauty with views breathtaking on the plain of the Orb, the Jura and the Alps.

The route travels between vineyards and wine growing villages. On the course is ten stands occupied by winemakers and restaurateurs in the region that offer their wines and their specialities. You will find the atmosphere in the course of our arrival the village with fifteen tasting stands. It is strongly advised to allow a disguise and register early

In other words it is a fancy dress half marathon, with a multitude of wine stops all in beautiful countryside.

Marcus and the Rules

Especially in view of the really disappointing start to the day I decided:

- To drink no water on this race
- To drink a glass of wine at every stop that offered it  (turns out 12 stops)
- To run at all times wherever possible
- To wear fancy dress and convince Agata also

In Photos

 Local Produce

The warmup

 Wine Stop 1, still my favourite wine of the course

As you can see, we mean business,  wine drinking business

Of course there is time to photograph unusual American cars

 Stop 2, more wine

 Oh and even Orange Juice

We were being chased by some young lads in what I thought were pink Hare Krishna costumes.

 Wine Stop3 including Chocolate!

The clever Swiss are dressing up a horse to look like a Zebra, but we are not so easily fooled

Stop 4, and canapes are included.   It just keeps getting better and better.

 Stop 5

Yes, of course they were playing  (to my ears)   Choral für Luzern

 So much wine and so little time

Wine Stop 6 and they has delicious mushroom canapes like last year.

 Some other competitors taking it easy

 Darling Agata and Bruno posing

2 of our other Nemesis competitors, don't let the night shirt disguises fool you,  finally lit the candle.

 Stop 7.   Upto this point Marcus was reasonably sober.  But we are at about Km 15 and now a frenzy of degustation stations are coming up.   Marcus has to double down and repeat the commitment:  No water only wine, almost biblical.

 Degustation stop 8

 Degustation stop 9

 Degustation stop 10

 Degustation stop 11

I thought this was the last stop, but no!    At the finish a final place to try out more excellent wines.

Agata told me I was in no state to drink much more, so after a final sip or two I was bundled into our car.

And can you believe our luck, as we drove back, the heavy rains started, cooling down out 23 degree climate just a little

Good Publicity
Vaud Canton of Switzerland is a wine growing region of the country.  But not many people know about it.   This run is truly great publicity.   It's also tremendous advertising for the sleepy towns in the area.   You can just feel the community, and we can imagine being seduced to retire to one of these quiet, beautiful countrified villages.

We had just a fantastic, fantastic time.  On a scale of 1 to 10, it was 11.

Let me list, great company, good weather, race starting on time, Timed race, over 10 refreshment stops serving wine, water, juice, canapés and smiles.  Beautiful countryside, not too many participants, and a bottle of local wine and a wineglass as souvenirs. 

Thanks to the generosity of the wine makers from Les Cotes de l'Orbe, to Agata for driving Marcus home and to Bruno for not falling asleep as I droned on to him during the race.

Now this was a race done right.

Race info in English