Friday, September 18, 2015

Comptoir Suisse 2015

If you are local to Beaulieu Lausanne Switzerland and want to see lots of furry animals, local Swiss food, furniture, services, a horsey show, Swiss military and more: then please visit by September 21.

Lausanne, the Village

Lausanne is quite a large Swiss city but it sits in very much a quaint and countrified surrounding.  

About 200 metres from the back door

 About 5Km away our Lake

The Comptoir Suisse show then does not celebrate Swiss high tech, it is more farm, furry and furniture as you will see.

 Swisscom Smartlife to help secure your home 

 Handmade nick nacks.   Very nice.

Nahrin dietary supplements.  We wanted to buy but it was just too expensive .

 Switzerland is an equal opportunity exhibition.   They let the complete crackpots in too.

We queued at the Betti Bossy rosti cooking stand, but we were pushed aside by a swarm of elderly Swiss housewives.

The stern, you don't look like you can afford our Jura coffee machines had Marcus just walking off.

Kambly biscuits

 A great vegetable presentation

Fordson tractor

 A lot of furry animals, just a small selection photographed.

 Magda insisted on actually have a look inside the tank too!

A large arena with some horsey demonstrations.  Women riding side saddle just to make it really difficult!

 A huge area dedicated to local i.e. within 50Km Swiss wines of the region.

 Swiss Milk.  Surprisingly most stuff for sale not to sample :-(

 Local products sold via the Migros supermarket

 The different ages of Gruyere cheese

A large food hall with items to try and then to buy.  We did.

Entrance to Comptoir is not free, but we think it was well worth a visit.  Between half and a full day to see everything.