Friday, September 11, 2015

Compex and Recovery from Injury

This week Marcus is back from a wonderful massage but it's an all too infrequent experience.

I recall a relation who was wealthy enough to have a personal masseur house call every morning to get them in the best possible shape for the day.

Sadly, I just calculated, that in Switzerland this would cost me about 3000 USD i.e. 2K GBP, per month!!   Er, I don't think that is in my 'price bracket'.

So I began to think more practically about the tools that I use to aid race/ exercise  recovery and to treat injuries.

The main tool is the 

Compex Muscle Stimulator

What it can Do

- Reduces muscle recovery time after a workout/ race/ competition.  By this I mean the time between finishing a competition or race and being 100% fit and ready for the next one.

This is going to be your main use.  Meaning, after race, do the usual things like stretching, creams, lotions.  Then also do the Compex.  Make it part of your recovery routine.

- Back Pain
Our Compex has specific programmes for Cervical Pain, Thoracic back pain, lower back pain, lumbago

- Any Muscle, tendon issues e.g. tennis elbow epicondylitis.

We have such faith in the product these days that post race if there are any troubling aches or pains, Compex normally gets the first call!

- TENS programme pain blocker.  Here you are not fixing anything, just numbing the nerves so that your pains, perhaps acute are not transmitted to your brain.

For chronic pain suffers, recommended.

Other claims
Some people believe that Compex and other muscle stimulators can turn you from coach potato into Superman,  all whist you watch TV on the sofa.

To me that is all bollocks.  I don't use, recommend or believe that this technology works.

Even if it did provide some benefits to muscle growth, without a developed respiratory system that you get from actual exercise, it's just going to be for show.   Not going to help you perform better.  Please!

The Faff

It takes less than 2 minutes to setup the electrodes, but if you use this device multiple times daily, say when you have a specific injury to treat, that connection time begins to become a faff.

You just have to grin and bear it, or if you have the wireless version then operation is a little easier

Different Versions

Compex machines have always been expensive, but they have a new wireless series that gets really pricey.  So I mean about 1000GBP or 1400 USD.

The Wireless models are easier to connect since they are effectively a powered pad, with a wireless head/ control unit.

This works well, except in cases where you want to place electrodes on you back, or bottom and lie down.

So all I can think of is that if you are wealthy enough to buy the Compex SP 8.0 Wireless you can buy an additional  Compex Fit 1.0 Wired or better, using the latter for treatments where the wireless stimulators would get in your way

Also the higher range products have a more sophisticated mi Muscle Intelligence electrode

As a race recovery tool for tired muscles, or to help repair from strains and pains or to deal with back problems I would highly recommend this product.

The most basic Fit 1.0 product has all the essential programmes to get you started

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