Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Choosing my Smartphone Case

As Agata has told her friends,  Marcus chooses everything carefully.

Living in Switzerland even the above case for my OnePlus phone took weeks to arrive.  But arrive it has.

- The case is functional and covers the edges of the phone

- OnePlus backs are removable so one could argue that you con't need a case, but then an impact is only protected on the back,  falling onto the glass screen or metal edges would still lead to disaster

- This case protects the screen, well just a little and certainly the edges

- I think this case shows off Marcus' sensitive side

- Here is the ordering link.   5GBP. It seemed too good to be true ....

The Problem
2 weeks later.  The case fell apart.  With no drops or misuse. Cracks on the edges.  I am gutted.  STUFF4, a UK seller.  Useless!  So I've gone back to a backup case, from China. Moskii Premium Case.  That has now lasted a month so far without problems.   Just a plain and smooth grey, but hey it works right. And it has a wonderful matt finish and just right firm yet a little bit flexible texture.

What did I learn?
As usual, eBay sellers from China, or Hong Kong with over 10,000 sales and free shipping worldwide normally deliver exceptional value and also quality.   My UK supplier had neither.  I much prefer missing out the profit taking middleman and going direct to China for my goods.  I encourage others, wherever possible, to do the same.

Oneplus cases from galaxyshoppingcn
Moskii Premium OnePlus case