Wednesday, September 09, 2015

Apple September 2015 Keynote: I am thrilled and excited

As my darling Agata's eyes began to close late on Wednesday night as we watched the Apple Keynote  she mumbled

"Please, when is this going to end"

And Agata, unlike Marcus is an Apple fangirl.

Now I'm not going to argue that you too should go thru the excitement of watching the keynote, because "we had to", but I would still encourage you to do so.

What is in the September 2015 Keynote?

- New Apple TV

- iPad Pro

- iPad mini 4

- Apple Pencil  (a stylus!)

- iPhone 6S 6S Plus

- iCloud pricing

And they cut the "we sold lots of shit" numbers and stats that is normally at the beginning of an announcement presentation.  Even so it is a two hour video presentation, so have refreshments standing by, and hit the pause key and skip forward keys as required.

September 2015 Keynote direct

From Apple Webpage

Why you should watch
Even if you don't own an Apple product, but it you have some interest in technology, I would recommend it as a watch. Check what Apple is upto firsthand, don't just settle for somebody else's interpretation. Pause, skip and even rewind sections to reduce your pain and increase your pleasure. For the 10 minute precise go Engadget

Some Quick thoughts

- 3D touch for iPhones is quite interesting.  It's a bit like implementing a right (other) button mouse click , enabling context sensitive menus with can vary according to the duration and force of click.   

- No laptops or desktop upgrades announced

- Not sure the new Apple TV is relevant except in the USA

- No hardware upgrade for Apple watch, save new straps and colours, it's still missing a GPS

- Apple should re-invent its Keynote format.  It used to be special, but now it's carbon copy boring.

Market Saturation

The entire Smartphone market place is suffering from the

Good Enough Syndrome

This is the paradigm that most users are not limited by the speed, memory, or storage capabilities of their current phones.  Indeed existing applications are both too numerous and capable for the majority of dumbo users.

So just adding features to a phone does not in the long term convince the majority who can either not be bothered to upgrade, or those who will spend the money on another more interesting or better advertised or maybe even relevant technology.

As such, 3D touch  (i.e. force touch) is probably a winning innovation, allowing a simplification of the user interface.  But with the cost of extremely capable and higher hardware (especially camera specification) Android phones a mere fraction of the Apple iPhone price, this design innovation is going to be a tough sell.

For an example of performance and value take a look at the Asus Zenfone 2

Industry Comment

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