Sunday, September 20, 2015

Android M, why of course

Now that Marcus's 2013 ancient but still in fact capable Nexus 5 is back up and rocking, well, it would seem to be rude not to install that Android 6.0 marshmallow preview right?

The Upgrade PC

We maintain an ancient 2010 do anything: Virtualisation Server, OS test and now Android Upgrade PC in our home.

We found out in the move from Android Lollipop to Android Kitkat that we had to use Windows 7, 32bit as a base from which to install the ADB Android Debug Bridge. Discussed here.  This is the software needed to communicate with an Android Phone, booted specially into recovery mode, from where you can manually install a new Operating System.

So now that platform is setup I don't need to get adb up and running again, I just need to download the latest builds.

Android M builds

In late August 2015, Google announced Preview 3, build MPA44G but then a few days later MPA44I.  Many of the howto website pages link to the older MPA44G build.  So initially I installed the marginally older product.

If you read this, don't.  Of course install build MPA44I

Our Abbreviated Guide for Nexus 5 is

00 Backup your existing Phone

Unless the setting is on the automatic restore of all your apps can't be offered after the OS 6.0 is installed.

01 Boot your phone to Recovery mode

Power off
Power on and volume down button

02 Get Android fastboot adb interface working

fastboot devices must return something otherwise you are not upgrading anything

03 Download and unpack MPA44I 

Nexus 5 download of MPA44I and I unpacked with winrar

04 Run script

The first time with MPA44G I copy pasted each command from inside the .bat file.  The next time around I just let the batch file run.

05 Reboot phone and Wait

Patience please!  We are talking minutes not seconds.  Go for a walk and a coffee and come back later.

06 Answer prompts and restore from backup

Now that important backup you made earlier enables you to restore all your applications.   Of course the login data is not there so you need to enter all that again e.g. facebook login information etc.

So Nexy 5 is not only repaired, but really running the latest android.  

Tastes good.

NB: You might want to set a date in your diary for September 29, 2015.  

I hear that the Nexus 5X packing Android 6.0 might just make an appearance.  As usual my sage and worldly advice is, don't be a twat and re-post pre release pictures and specifications you found on the Internet.  Just grow up and wait for announcement day.


Android M preview 3
Google App 5.3