Thursday, September 24, 2015

15W LED Replacement Bulbs

It is really great news.   At last LED lighting technology has reached a non compromised threshold.   Today I can really replace my existing 50W Halogen spot lights with LED lights of an equal or even brighter lighting power.

We have followed and implemented low Power  lights in our home for some years now.  In fact the last implementation was using IKEA 9W flourescent lights as shown above.

IKEA has withdrawn all flourescent lights in 2015 so clearly we started looking for a new strategy

Some Existing Options
Our existing 9W IKEA standard that was brighter than any LED lamp at the time  (5W)

Prior to IKEA we had used single 5W LED's shown above (bulb on the right is the new 15W light to be discussed shortly).   However the 5W were no match for the outgoing 50W Halogen and when the trade up to IKEA 9W was made it was just about okay.  But still a little dim.

The new 15W LED

The current bulb is 5 x 3W units for a total of 15W in a single GU10 style package.  Other packaging formats MR16 E27 are available.

Now 15W LED lighting technology is affordable and available.  A simple visit to eBay will show numerous direct suppliers who can ship directly to you for about 2GBP per light including postage.   

Yes, it is completely bonkers pricing.   We have now fully upgraded to 15W units and I believe this is the last upgrade we need to make until lights actually start to fail.  And the lights are rated at 50,000 hour lifetimes. (over 5 years continuous on, or 50 years if I use it for 2 hours per day!)

15W LED lights eBay