Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Wonderful Warsaw

Marcus and Agata are not in Warsaw frequently enough for it to become home  (again).  And so we just post a few photographs of our recent 'holiday' there.

Thanks so much to friends and family, and also to Agats's amazing organisational skills.  We had another wonderful time there.

Marcus was very busy photographic vintage cars as usual

 We are always checking out unusual scooter designs

Can you believe it?  They are building a two lane highway nearby.  It's been so long

 Two beauties.

Marcus loves machines.

 Oh and churches.

Yes we cycled.

And gladly paid our respects as usual

Our local Warsaw Supermarket stocks English cheese .. naturally!

Marcus was to be found befriending and feeding the local Warsaw cats at every opportunity.

Of course we visited IKEA!!

Mum's new PC is running Windows 10 Enterprise.  Whooa.

It's just religion everywhere Marcus says

We find probably the best ever Business lounge.  And I mean ever.  At Warsaw airport.

Thanks Warsaw for a really great time.

We will be back.