Friday, August 14, 2015

Welcome to the Enterprise

USS Enterprise

Marcus has been using Windows 10 passingly since November 2014.

But it was thanks to my dear friend Richard who prompted me to get a grip and pay more attention to the Microsoft Windows 10 previews. So since June  2015 I have been an active beta test user.

And so Marcus has been using the Windows Insider Programme  for beta builds of Windows 10, but they were always the Professional Edition.

When Windows 10 went to 'gold code' I was surprised when as a Microsoft Partner, Microsoft only sent me Windows 10 Enterprise keys!

So even on machines that has sucessfully transitioned to an activated Windows 10 Pro license at build 10240,  I have for consistency further upgraded to Enterprise level.

Yes on my ex Hardware Firewall and now re purposed emergency small Stand Alone computer I give you Windows 10 Enterprise on a Intel Atom processor  (with an unsupported 8GB of memory but working so there!)

And more respectably, my prime though modest Laptop is also fully upgraded.

Now, that feels much better.

To finish on a controversial note ... Is anybody with me when I say, I sort of miss the fullscreen Windows Start screen  (the one you got to by pressing the Windows key) of Windows 8.1. 

Just saying!