Saturday, August 08, 2015

Sunday Sermon: Everybody Hurts

REM: Everybody Hurts

The notion that we all born with equal abilities, opportunities or talents is of course so patently fantastical that it does not need to be refuted.

Most of us living in the first world take for granted services and facilities that can barely be imagined by those living in under developed countries.  Freedoms like:  democracy, freedom of speech, health care, rule of law, freedom of religion or freedom from religion, availability of food and housing.  Transportation, sanitation, telecommunications, the Internet.

For Marcus and Agata it has been a thought provoking month.  Meeting friends old and new, seeing those who have lost their way.   Confronting the illness of ourselves and others. And friends leaving Switzerland for pastures new.

Tom Odell: Another Love

What one can say is that we all of us need to be mindful of our actions, and words, and the effects they can have on other people.

Marcus would also strongly philosophise that people rarely want to be around a continually grumpy individual.  Indeed if you are always down, it brings your friends down, leading to a downward spiral and eventually depression. 

So please no matter how tough times are personally, it's not just polite, but psychologically beneficial to try and project a little happiness towards yourself and others.