Sunday, August 02, 2015

Suday Sermon: Empathy, Compassion and Amy

Amy Winehouse: Back to Black acoustic

Marcus and Agata have recently been to an early screening of the 2015 Amy Winehouse documentary.

Although we are passionate about music in general, Amy's contributions were merely known; and not enthused about.  Until now. But after this deeply moving and sad film I feel it might be time for a personal retrospective.

Above is the Spotify link and there are numerous Youtube links.

Whilst the focus of this post is to implore you to visit the cinema to watch this documentary movie, I think you should also consider your own views regarding empathy and compassion.

So my second,  and strong recommendation is that you explore that subject area via a discussion between Sam Harris and Paul Bloom.

Sam Harris: The virtues of cold blood

To get you thinking:

- What is the difference between Empathy and Compassion?
- Should we care more for our own children than for the children of my best friend or neighbour
- Is Empathy an ultimately distorting, not focusing emotion, toward our moral reasoning?

Well, these ideas and many more are all waiting for you in the above 90 minute Soundcloud broadcast.

But to come back to the original point.   The July 2015 film documentary

Amy Documentary trailer

is certainly a film with an agenda and viewpoint.   Your opinions might differ, but I really encourage you to see the film so you can better form your own view.


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