Saturday, August 15, 2015

Shimano Dura Ace BR9000 Brake Downgrade

Agata would probably describe Marcus as 

/a Bloody fussy Person/

So you can imagine that even on my Training Road bicycle I did spend weeks doing research and then searching for the lightest quality brakes around.

I did initially select some remarkable cheap Planet X, sub 120 gram caliper brakes.   They were terrible, I had to give them away

So then I researched TRP 979 EQ Magnesium brakes and only 130 grams per brake.  Exceptional

But they Broke
The brakes were always pretty good but one day when the adjustment screw broke off it taught me that having really specialised parts means replacements especially in Switzerland are impossible to find.

I replaced the screw with something from the 'screws jar' and then a few weeks later that screw broke off too.

Before you shout user error I will say I know how to tighten flimsy aluminium bolts!

Back to only Dura Ace

So, I have decided to revert to the much cheaper, more available and slightly heavier Shimano Dura Ace, series 9000 no less!

 Outgoing TRP brake

Hello Dura Ace series 9000

You have to admit it is beautiful, more so that the outgoing TRP

 Dura Ace left and TRP right

Oh, and I bought this tool

Lifeline Inner Cable Puller

So this is a tool that can keep the inner cable tight leaving you 2 hands free to tighten up any securing bolt.  It saves me from going to get another free pair of hands, usually this means dragging Agata down to the basement.    Agata thanks me for my modest purchase.

So Far
The new Shimano brake has been tested on the most difficult Swiss conditions.  I include a Tour de France stage and down the Furka Pass.  All good so far.