Thursday, August 27, 2015

Seagate SeaTools for Windows

I use HD Tune Pro not only for Hard Disk benchmarking but to occaisionally check the SMART status of my hard disks.

On my old (well 2009) Development server I noticed via HD Tune that one of the Data Disks shows signs of imminent failure.

It's a 2.5" Seagate Hard Disk

I read thru the support and found that I had to run SeaTools for Windows and if that showed an error I can package up the disk and errors and send it off for warranty repair.

 You can download Seatools for Windows here

After lots of success I was delighted to get an error message. I was already to pack up the drive.

I could feel that new Seagate ST9100640NS coming back to me in the post

But then I found out some advanced options ....

Some hours later...

Now, no  fault can now be found and the previous failing test now passes on SeaTools, but HD Tune still shows a SMART error.   Hmm.

So I'm now using the disk as a backup repository disk and all seems well so far.

Learning Points

- I suppose it is fair that Seagate requires a failure from Seatools to allow warranty processing

- But this does not now explain the discontinuity between the HD Tune and SeaTools reports

- Of course the cost of a 1TB 2.5" Spinning hard disk for Enterprise is still not trivial to me  (about 200 CHF or 130 GBP) 

- So all in all I'm a bit disappointed with Seatools though its facilities are certainly comprehensive.