Sunday, August 23, 2015

Lausanne Triathlon 2015

Subtitle: We are delighted to report that we participated in the 2015 Lausanne Triathlon on Sunday August 23, 2015.

The preamble
Marcus and Agata have some famous quotes which include: always be fit enough to do a no [additional] training, surprise Marathon or Olympic Distance Triathlon.

Nevertheless, we only booked the event about 4 days ago so if we wanted to prepare, well there was not much time.

On Saturday Agata had a SUP training course from Zimfit, in Preveranges 

So Marcus thought whilst the girls are SUPing, why not spend the time swimming around.   I put in about 3Km of quite fast training.  Surely that would be enough for Sunday!

The Cost Preamble

As Marcus sort of commented / winged in this YouTube video, I was personally uncomfortable at the cost of this Triathlon in the context of our current household spending budget.  Anyway, Agata booked the non-refundable tickets, so that is that, I am going to compete, and as usual do my best.

Arrival Sunday morning August 23

We tried to get our race numbers on Saturday, but the office was closed early.  Welcome to Switzerland :-)

So Sunday we tried again and after getting our numbers and Helmet and bike stickers headed to the Transition area.

It was practically deserted and then we realised there was at least 60 minutes to the start, so effectively we were early.

 Marcus' professional setup

Agata is still on Ribble power!   Her bicycle just keeps on going. (Although note is has had many a refurb)

The Rules

No music on the course!  One year  (about 10 years ago) I managed a Swim player and a music player on the course.  But today such items are banned.

This year all competitors got a set of rules.  Unfortunately most people ignored things like the etiquette for Cycle overtaking.  Still at least they might read them for next year.

 Some people were limbering up in a very strange way.

The Swim

The 1500 metre open water swim was timed at 27 minutes for Marcus which I am quite pleased with.   Even getting into the water I was tired so I thought I should take it easy.  No point getting exhausted on the first activity.

I think it worked out.  Plus I noticed that many swimmers slowed down on the second section and I had constantly overtake people on the last 50%.  Still this was possibly the most relaxing part of the Triathlon. Agata also reports a good swim experience.

We should also give credit to our recent 6 month (once per week) pool swimming course that we took in Lausanne.  This taught us better posture, techniques etc.  and has improved all all round swimming skills.

 Possibly click to zoom because the white buoys are the close ones and behind them a pair of distant buoys which represent the 50% course distance!

We have to line up here and 5 minutes before the start jump into the water.

My good friend Julia Bodin was doing diving support.   There are divers positioned at the start and also boats and kayaks along the swim course to take care of any swimmers in trouble.   Very nice to have a cheerful word from Julia just before the race start.

The Bike

You will notice that the course is pretty hilly.

In fact there are 6 laps, which start with a hill, and then have another one.  After the 6th lap you do that first hill again (7th time) and then turn right into a small loop to the finish/ transition area.

Marcus's 40Km bike timed at 82 minutes.  I was actually tired when I got into the pedals.  We can attribute this to the multiple cycle trips of last week, oh yes, and our long distance scootering session from last Friday.

Still, I battled on, but by lap 3 our of 6 thought I should slow down a little.

 I noticed that the older people in the race had a softlined transition area with slightly better access to the start.  Oh well, perhaps when I am that age, I will need it too.

Marcus Finishes

My run was 4 laps of a 2.5Km course completed in 44 minutes.  I drank so much on the bike that whilst I ran there was a sort of watery swooshing noise from my stomach.

This was a sign to take on small fluids during the run so only 2 stops were made.

 I finished, not as tired as I had worried I might be and then time for some refreshment ...

Lots of cut oranges (and half naked men).   I reckon if I could have had oranges on the course,  which I totally love, my times could have been ++faster.

The Best helpers!

A big hello and thanks to helpers like our wonderful friend Medalit who give up their time for free and help staff the refreshment stations.

 Lots of brave competitors

Seeking Agata

Marcus started 10 minutes before Agata so after my race completed it was back onto the course to find Agata to take some pictures....

 She is moving so fast she is a blur

Congratulations to Agata, finishing her Olympic distance Triathlon, in under 3 hours for the first time, and on a hilly (bike) course too.

Thanks then
So thanks to Lausanne for organising the Triathlon.  Thanks to the efforts of helpers like Julia and Medalit for giving their time freely to support the event.   Thanks to Agata for booking us into the triathlon.    

We had a great time.  Next year 2016, well we plan to be fully rejuvenated, and to race  properly, and put in fast times on this our home town triathlon circuit.

Marcus Time  02.40 (27 min swim, 82min bike, 44 min run, rest of time waffling around in Transition, with his record slow changing)
Agata Time 02:55
Marcus drank 600ml water (with energy powders) and 3 SIS energy bars
Agata drank lots, including energy powders,  but ate only 2 tiny glucose tablets

Marcus report Lausanne tri 2015