Thursday, August 20, 2015

Just one of those days

Cypress Hill: Insane in the Brain

Caution: Marcus begins a public moan.  But at least the videos are good right?

So it is Friday in not so cool (again)  Lausanne Switzerland. We are not upto 30 degrees yet, but we are getting there. Again.

It has been one of those weeks.  Weeks where bills arrived, unexpected charges popped up, and there was an avalanche of frustrations to deal with.

Swisscom TV 20 arrived

Our earlier post refers of course.  Enough to say that we are delighted with the quality and the selection of the programming.  But getting there was not easy.

Apart for the screen resolution issue which we mentioned in the blog article  we also had to deal with Swisscom screwing up the Fibre upgrade.  Marcus had to call technical support and patiently follow the grossly technician take over 30 minutes to waffle on.

In almost Hancock-ian comedy the heavily Italian accented English speaking Swisscom technical support eventually realised there was a problem and said it would be fixed today, or maybe tomorrow, or maybe the day after that, and that 'I had nothing to worry about'.

After making some more technical errors (about Firmware levels ) he seemed in a desperate rush to end the call.  I let him go.

Just Jack: Glory Days

Windows 10525 
In uncharacteristic keen-ness I installed the very latest Windows Insider 10 build.  Level 10525.  And then like hundreds of thousands of others found my Chrome browser crippled and crashing.  And despite re-installations nothing improved.

I documented a workaround  on my Google+ stream  but I did not hear of  an actual bugfix yet, nor do I know if it should be coming from Microsoft, Google or both

Fast Website Testing

I wanted to devote some time to diagnose the bottlenecks in our home Computer Infrastructure but I simply have not had not enough time.   It's still unclear whether the home configuration is bottlenecked e.g. at our Routers and Firewalls or the the Internet 'outside' is the problem.

Believe me, this is not fast enough.

 No, this is still not fast enough

Just one of the many parameter screens I am trying to optimise.

I think I need an Intern!

Lots of Unexpected Bills

Jerry Maguire: Show me the Money

With budgets tight it was annoying that lots of bills arrived this week. Some unexpected.

I had to settle some medical charges that attempted to diagnose and rectify my continued severe pains in the right side of my body.   In fact the treatment has gone nowhere, all I have to show for it are some large medical bills.   In Switzerland, there is only Private healthcare.  And it is mandatory to take out those insurances.  But they don't cover my current pains, so just pay and pay.

Another example, is that we got some unexpected charges for the use of the Airport Business lounge.  Turns out that the Priority Pass card is free to allow me access but not Agata. So, since we always travel together and I'm not going in without her, well this renders the Marcus' free access useless.  Oh yes, in Switzerland the Credit card package that provides the Priority pass card,  costs me 1000CHF per year, which is 650GBP or 1040USD.    I spoke to the bank who were telling me what a great package it was, when I reminded them that in England, credit cards are usually free.  They were suddenly silent.

Exercise Fiasco

Marcus and Agata ran in one of the Tour de Pays de Vaud races this week. Marcus got exhausted and felt useless after 4Km of running. I waddled round slowly and finished exhausted. It turns out I am getting overweight and an emergency diet is now in force. My next race is in just a few days. Hmmm.

I call it smiling in the face of adversity.

And finally

So it has been a tough day/ week.  And when this happens, I normally turn to Ice-Cube for a bit of a cheer up.   So here goes.

Ice Cube: Good Day