Saturday, August 15, 2015

Home is where the heart is

Naughty Boy: Home

I have to borrow from a Frank Zappa lyric (as I recall from Joe's Garage?) for the title of this article.  (I'm far too young remember Elvis!!)

Yes, Agata and Marcus are again back home.  Well. Home in Lausanne, Switzerland.

One thing we could absolutely guarantee is on our immediate todo list is washing as the above photograph demonstrates. Sports activities far away from Lausanne really does that to us.

What and Where is Home?
This is the question we have been asking ourselves.  Actually we are in quite a unique position to consider this

- Marcus and Agata grew up in Europe, just different parts of Europe
- So our paternal homes are not just hundreds but over a thousand Km distant from each other.
- Both of our sets of parents spent significant time abroad, and but for some determined efforts we could have been born somewhere much less hospitable than, first world Europe
- We currently live in Switzerland, but as all immigrants know, Swiss nationality is not conferred on those damn foreigners easily.  This leaves us with the uneasy feeling that they really want to say "Just bugger off home"
- Oh yes and the Swiss anti immigration referendum result seals that then!

Not dependent on Work Colleagues location
Both Agata and Marcus have moved city locations and even countries, multiple times in order to find work.  Unfortunately our 'best friends' of those times have not seen fit to come with us!

Not dependent on Friends location

Wiz Khalifa: See you again

Although we don't make friends easily we like to think that the close friends we have made can be kept in touch with on a regular basis in a variety of Internet means and when we are in your country, and in your town, we will make an effort to see you.

We also note that Friends in 2015 have a habit of moving too, so it goes without saying that you can't just hang around a certain town because your friends are there. Sooner or later they will disperse, and in 2015 then might move Internationally, not just to the next town.

Not dependent on Family location

Walk off the Earth: Somebody that I used to Know

We are already geographically separated from our immediate families.  Plus Marcus has learnt the hard way that some of my relations are mostly keen on a /one way relationship/.  Gee thanks.

Summary: Home IS where the heart is
So I can certainly borrow on Franks' words and say that Marcus and Agata are open to the idea of mobile living, or moving to a different county.   It really does not matter.   We can always adapt to a new physical home. 

As long as we are together, our hearts tell us that this is quite enough thank you.   We are not bound to any one location.

Romantic PS:

The Five Year Engagement

(When you meet that somebody amazing partner, don't hang around)

Kids Caution

Temptations: Papa Was, dubstep

NB:It appears to be true. Moving home frequently is something for adults only.  If you do this with kids, they [the kids] more than often will, end up, screwed up.

One Day 2011
Sliding Doors
Skylar Grey: Coming Home
Skylar Grey: Coming Home remix
Papa was a Rolling Stone dubstep