Friday, August 21, 2015

Furka Pass

Just before Furka Pass

I just thought I would document our brave cycle up the 2420 metre Furka Pass in Switzerland which is part of Marcus' attempt to do more cycling in our current home country of Switzerland.

Stepping back to Leuk
First you should know that we had come from our home in Lausanne via multiple cute Swiss towns.   Example Leuk.

 We managed to park up and go for a hike

 We found a campground but were not convinced to stay.

 As usual Marcus was busy snapping unusual cars he found.

 Plenty of unusual gardens too.

Would you believe it there was  a Classical music festival on with attractions 
Just time for us to enjoy some Raclette before the performance.

Oberwald and Furka

The cycle started from the train station at Oberwald.

After about 30 minutes Marcus saw some far far far  (no really , it was far) away zig zag road. And exclaimed "Don't tell me we are cycling all the way up there then"

Unfortunately the answer from the wise was YES.

Some considerable time later we made it.  I resolved to stop and take more pictures on the down.

 You see, it is a long way back

Guidebooks tell you NOT to use your motorhome to climb or descend this pass.  However I have just never seen a higher concentration of motorhomes on a mountain pass than here.   Clearly they never read the manual.

Marcus smiles because we are nearly back down safely.

As you can see from the stats, we took it nice and easy.

The Railway Trip
We found out that for about 30 francs you and your vehicle (below 3 metres in height and say about 2.5m wide or less) can board a private train and avoid taking the road.

We could not resist

Although negotiating getting the wide motorhome onto the train was not easy.

 Once onto the train you then had to drive from the boarding carriage all the way to the front.   This was pretty heart stoppingly difficult I can tell you.  We are pleased now more than ever that our motorhome is 2.12m wide cf the normal 2.3- 2.35 metres of standard motorhomes.

Sights near dissence.

It was another fine day in our limited Swiss expedition.   We are looking forward to more because this is currently our home, but as yet still undiscovered.