Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Exercising Bettmeralp

I can't pretend every day is as active as our recent Wednesday in Bettmeralp, Switzerland, some weeks back, but we are finding it easier and easier each time

We found a Zurich Parcour Vita and thought we would park up discreetly the previous night after our evening run to be ready early on Wednesday morning.

Since it was only about a 3Km course we made sure to do all the exercises at the 10 or so information stations along the way.

After finishing there was time for a breakfast a la motorhome and then time to continue driving ...

As usual our progress on the road was slowed because Marcus kept stopping to take pictures of unusual cars  (well, for Switzerland).

Eventually we arrived at Betmeralp car park.  Now the town is unusual in that (like Zermatt ) cars are forbidden so you have to park in a large car park then take a ski lift a good 500+ metres upto the town itself.

There the only mechanical sounds you'll hear there are of electric and not petrol motors.

I just got out of the lift.  Good business for them I suppose.

It's your typical Swiss alpine town with immaculate houses everywhere and attention to detail in all the right places.   We like!

The First Christian Cross is spotted.  <Sigh>

We decided on the Helsana 12Km hike.  Except that it seemed that part of the route is blocked due to constrction.   Hmm, Helsana, update my Android App please

I felt very sorry for some of the Cows here.  Zoom in to see all the fly harassing the poor animal.

I am still smiling and we are still hiking.

After a lot of deviating from the route large Glacier is spotted, this is according to the revised plan.

Then in town we found there was a Classical music concert in the town Church this evening.  How fantastic.

So just to be nice we paid to go down in the lifts, back to our accommodation, shower, change, then buy another return ticket from the base station to Bettmeralp.  So we arrived looking fresh and nicely dressed and out of our trail running clothes!

 An energetic performance

 And yes, you can see it really was in the church

The days hiking trail stats.

Tomorrow a mountain pass cycling extravaganza is planned. Wahoo.