Wednesday, August 05, 2015

Cycling Alpe D'Huez

What with all the Tour de France coverage we were amazed to find that the French have selected sucessive Tuesdays as a day when for a limited period parts of Tour De France stages are cordonned off for the use of cyclists only.

Yes.  How fantastic.

No cars, just cyclists, freely able to race up your favourite stage.

And so we set of for Alpe D' Huez where the road is closed on the 21 switchback stage on Tuesday August 4th

Where to Stay

We planned to arrive the night before the question is to where?

After careful analysis we chose the Casino supermarket car park which is also an official motorhome aire.  So this means they allow and expect you to park there overnight.

Also, we planned to reward them by shopping at Casino which is fast becoming Marcus' favourite French supermarket.

Almost On Time
The road is closed to cars from 09.00 and we set off almost exactly then.  The Casino is less than 1Km from the 21 switchback start.


Some time later!

So perhaps not the fastest, but still competent speed and notice that we accelerated on the switchback turns since the gradient eased on those portions.

Next:  Well most people simply cycled back down, but for the few of us we thought: Let's plan a round trip.

 Another team with round trip aspirations

 Yes we cycled here

 And here


Yet another fantastic day.  Let me see

- We cycled part of a real Tour De France Stage
- We made it into a round trip, not just an up and down
- We had a challenging cycle, on roads specially devoid of cars
- Afterwards we found possibly the only Open Wifi spot in the whole of Alpe D'Huez and sat down and drank to our success of the day.