Saturday, August 08, 2015

Cheaper Cycling

Increasingly Marcus and Agata rely on our bicycles as a key means of transport and so we are looking at ways to make the process more usable.

What's the problem?
The merits of using a single race level road bicycle for all your cycling activities is

- only 1 bicycle, great utility --> however:
- this bicycle could be easily stolen and may have been custom made, ordered , so could take months to replace
- race bicycles use expensive components e.g Shimano Dura Ace that may be quite delicate or certainly wear out quickly.  Cost per Km using this level componentry is high
- Road bikes with light tyres/tubes can't ride on rough surfaces without large risk of punctures
- Road bikes can't tolerate severe potholes or pavements as is the case in Poland (for example)

Renting a Bike
We already tried and documented the Warsaw Veturilo scheme.  The main issue is that the bikes are extremely heavy and not always available.

Second Hand Angle
The obvious sources for a second hand bargain are eBay, and in Switzerland Anibis.

In Lausanne Switzerland we also have some specialist low cost bike shops like Tandem

Entry level Shops

In the UK Startfitness has a reasonable selection

Ribble is now doing road bikes with discs

Decathlon starts at about 400 Zl in Poland   (95 Euro)

Decathlon Rockrider 500 BTWIN
Decathlon Rockrider 500 specs and 300 Euro Price

Marcus did an analysis and this seems like a good entry level product.

Supermarket Bargains
With volume purchasing some of the best deals seem to be from Supermarkets  (obviously not Swiss ones!)

This mountain bike in Real Supermarket in Poland, 500 Zl is about 85 GBP or 120 Euro.

Tesco Poland has a great website for their bicycles

Tesco UK bicycles

Well in Poland, even with the much shortened winters (thanks to Global Warming) cycling is not possible all year around.   However it would seem there might be scope to purchase a super economical cheapo bicycle for rough daily use!

To be continued.