Thursday, August 06, 2015


On Marcus' recent travel to Les Deux Alpes as recently reported  I came across a really small cute car.

The sticker in the rear said from a Renault garage but Internet research says nothing about renault parentage.

Apparently this is a very modestly powered (4KW) car with a limited top speed (45Km/h) which can be driven in France by persons as young as 14.

Well it looks superb and internet searching I have found that it is available in Poland too.  I think the Polish models may be de-restricted? and have more power?

Here is the brochure in English

Chatenet Poland

Chatenet CH30

I'm not sure how I'd feel being limited to 45Km/h on Polish roads where in the City speeds of upto 100Km/h are commonplace ( though illegal of course.  But with Audi RS and Porsche and Ferrari all street racing around these are the facts).

Clearly the design is specifically target to France where the combination of low power and speed limiting allows 14 year olds to drive a vehicle.  I don't think these breaks apply for England or Poland or Switzerland  (the other 3 countries Marcus is personally interested in).

Nevertheless if this is a really cheap to own car it might be worth considering.  More investigation required!

Chatenet official French site

Polish Chatenet