Thursday, August 27, 2015

Antec Mobile Products amp DBS Headphones

 This is a short and sweet recommendation for the antec mobile products (amp)  DBS headphones.

I currently use a mixture of wireless and wired headphones.

But in competitions that allow music, which is pretty much all Ultra Marathon events, I find that Bluetooth headphones don't work well:  they fall out too easily and don't last long enough.

So there is still a place for wired headphones

The DBS headphones have

- superb sound

- The cords are made from a braided non rubbery material

- They are not angled and sit straight in your ear

- They sit deep in your ear, so fit under a helmet without causing pressure on the ear for example

- Oh, and for me they remain firmly in whilst on a run, a marathon or an Ultra Marathon

- They were only about 20CHF from the local Digitec Store

Antec DBS