Monday, August 10, 2015

A Scanned labour of love

I am not going to say how precisely how today but suffice to say that I have just finished scanning another part of my paper EVO motoring magazine collection.

As a car enthusiast or more accurately now ex car enthusiast I'm still interesting in preserving the magazines that I carefully rushed to the news agent to buy, or later received by subscription.

Initially they lived in England but on relocation to Switzerland they were brought a little at a time here.   But in Switzerland space was limited and so little my little they were then taken to Poland and stored at a friends since there was more space there.

Now I have more time in Switzerland, so guess what ... they are being brought back for Scanning!

This double sided scanning unit can process a whole 200 page magazine in less than 30 minutes and OCR all the text too.   I am in Scanning heaven.

Of course I am following all the normal rules and cleaning the unit sensors  before each scan.

You have to guillotine the pages first which is a bit traumatic

I am using the old and very expensive and mostly broken old printer scanner as a paperweight.  How very dare it let us down after all the money we spent on it.

Back to scanning


And finally those cherished pages come to rest in the Paper and Glass recycling station.

Marcus wonders whether it is slightly weird to scan for posterity his old magazines.

Agata indicates that she thinks I won't really re-read them again.

I think it comes down to a comfort factor

- Ideally I want to keep the magazines
- But we have limits on space
- We predict a future mobile lifestyle and we may move countries yet again, & we don't want to continually carry these items around
- So I'll scan only the more memorable paper magazines and make plans already to discard the vast bulk of the Polish hosted magazine collection to refuse shortly.

I think therefore I scan