Sunday, July 19, 2015

Where's the Party

Madonna:Where's the Party

This is a small post about memories.

Agata and Marcus made a little 10Km run around our neighbourhood on Saturday July 18th and noticed:

A whole set of joyfully noisy and musical parties in progress.

Now, schools have just finished for the summer but we were quite surprised because in polite parts of Switzerland, by common agreement, bedtime, or at least quiet time is 22.00

And this was just before 22.00 on a Saturday evening.

Imagine my further surprise when at 01.30 on Sunday July 19th when I could not sleep due to the 30 degree C plus heat  (yes at almost 2am!!) that I stood outside on our balcony at home in Lausanne to hear crystal clear from at least 200 metres away the sound of Evelyn Champagne King ...

Evelyn Champagne King: Love Come Down

Suddenly Marcus was jaunted back to 1982 when life was not only more simple, but filled with parties and dancing. But I was also young and perhaps naive enough to believe that a wonderful prosperous life was ahead of me.

Well things worked out so differently to that which I had expected.

But I can still remember like yesterday, the dance sensations of the time. Just one more example! >>

Shalamar: A night to remember

Though Marcus and Agata's lives today are filled with oh so much joy, Marcus reflects back to a few decades ago when things were pretty memorable too.

To those who read this and were with me in 1982:  it was pretty good right!

And go easy on me for not calling the Police on my neighbours.  They are just kids, and let's face it their musical tastes were, well, pretty good.


Madonna: Into the Groove (1990)