Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Three (One plus 2)

OnePlus Two Launch in VR

For those who really (and I mean really) don't follow the Smartphone world:

OnePlus is a Chinese Smartphone company and it is famous to me for it's low priced yet high specification OnePlus One phone.  

I reviewed the OnePlus One phone here

OnePlus is also famous to me for it's quite innovative  (or I would call annoying) marketing strategy in not allowing customers to buy their phones freely on the open market.  You used to have to get an invite to buy. 

Recently OnePlus has put about the fact that it's second phone called the Two would be available and on July 28th it was announced in a VR (Virtual Reality) video.

I did not spend the time to figure out what I had done wrong, but after downloading the Android app to participate in the VR, all I got was the sound and a blank screen.  Hmm.

Two Phone Specs

The Specifications are here

Marcus Analysis
= fact + Good - Bad

= A nicely upgraded phone from the OnePlus One
= Read the spec link above
= Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 processor and 4GB RAM and 64GB non expandable disk
= 1920 x 1080 Display on a 5.5 inch screen
+ Camera 13 MP Back and 5MP front
+ 1.3 micron pixels for better low light perf
+ improved Image Stabilisation
- USB C connector but it's fronting only USB 2.0 Electronics
-- NO Fast charge capability
-- No Wireless charging
-- NFC functionality is removed (cf Oneplus One which has it)
++ Fingerprint sensor
- Android 5.1.0  (not 5.1.1)
+ Side slide switch to mute sound and notifications
+ Dual SIM?
----- Invite System for purchase

So in words:

Well they are going with that bloody annoying invite system again. Really in 2015?  Couldn't you get the volume manufacturing sorted out, still?

Next, the USB-C physical and USB 2.0 electronics are very disappointing.  NO fast charge is a real design mistake to me.  When I am out and about I'm a heavy phone user, so the  fast charge model is attractive.  (Recall that Samsung fast charge on models like S6 enables a 10 minute charge to provide over 3 hours of phone or over 1 hour of video).   The lack of fast charge is a major omission to me.

Lastly, they removed NFC, apparently because OnePlus users did not really use it.  I use it each time I connect my Bluetooth Speaker.  Or NFC camera. Hmm.

What Else

OnePlus 2 is marketed as a class leading Smartphone at a bargain price.  But it's not freely on sale thanks to the invite system.

Like many existing Smartphone users Marcus has 2 phones.  Say a primary daily phone and say a party phone  (in my case a second running phone which is a smaller Nexus 5). My running or sports phone is also a backup phone in case of unforeseen disaster.

So many people in my position  (dual phone owners) are thinking, should I upgrade my primary phone to a OnePlus Two and demote my current phone to my Party phone?

Well IMHO, availability will make the difference to me.  But I can also say that I currently analysed the Asus Zenfone 2 to be the class leading 4GB memory, Dual SIM phone at a very modest price.  The ASUS is due to be fully available in the next month, and I can simply go into a shop and buy one.

Genesis: And then there were 3
(The lady lies)

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NB: Shameless request.  If you click this link
https://oneplus.net/invites?kolid=XEENUH  then apparently you help me get an OnePlus invite. Feel free to help me!