Sunday, July 26, 2015

The Mobile Internet

Madonna: Into Thhe Groove

I wrote this year in February how Ultrafast and now Unlimited LTE (4G) Internet has enabled Marcus to realize a dream of Streaming Media BBC to me even when i am walking up a mountain pass in Switzerland.

But in 2015 there is more.

Now in Europe, the EC part (ie countries excluding Switzerland and some others) we now have the availability of fairly priced Pay as You Go Internet.

Marcus and Agata used this to great effect whilst testing of a Bantam Motorhome in France during 2014 . On this experiment in mobile living using our Pay as You Go Portable Internet allowed us

- To read our email and stay in touch via social media, skype etc
- Accurately Navigate our route
- Check in advance (via Google Street View) of any height restrictions on our Chose route
- Book our campsite or Aire for that evening
- Make calls or VOIP otherTelephone
- Safeguard our photos by immediate upload to cloud
- Allow us to check our Engineered home security system back in Switzerland

And this got me thinking about our Party Strategy

In the 1980's
Well You Could goto a party and take your own music on a cassette to "bolster did average music provided by your host"

In 2006

You could arrive to a party with at Entire digital musical catalog on your laptop complete with a portable DJ set on your laptop

And today in 2015
We can arrive to a friends house and make surethat we can all get together to party to the highlights of the 2015 Tour de France

Arrive with out portable hotspot, with our own 4G (LTE) sim. Plug in and get a mobile Internet connection.

Setup Marcus' Lenovo U430 laptop and setup the extra screen too (I'm doing some research on Concurrently NYSE: IBM  ). So I can write this article up right now!

Check the Mobile Internet speed. Okay this is not 60Mbps Switzerland but I think the 14 Mbps download rate is going to be adequate for our needs

 Locate the Google Chromekey and find the installer program

Plug Chromecast into a spare HDMI socket and select That input on the TV

Now with some smoke and mirrors: Stream the gripping final timed stage of the Tour de France in 2015 to a friends party on Television ... in 2015

 These adverts are killing me!

Another great British (well sort of!) Cyclist

In Summary
The Mobile Internet. In Europe, just do not leave home without it.

And now, back to the music

Solomun: Boiler Room Set