Thursday, July 23, 2015

The Good Boss

Remembering a good Boss

Subtitle: Remembering some good Bosses

A good friend just passed on the excellent news that they are retiring [early]/  Apparently when communicating this news to their boss, the non ironic response was:

Congratulations:  I can see from your reasons that you have thought about it carefully,  it seems to be the right choice for you, and quite frankly I am a little jealous!

I think in 2015 these stories are rare, so when I come across them I like to spread the word.

What are some of the factors that come into play here:

- You worked for your company for some time

- You actually have a manager who knows you well, and is in an office metres, not thousands of Km away
- You are good at what you do, you've worked hard at it
- Your manager is also good at what he does,  he's not bullshitted his/her way into power
- You and your manager are reasonable people, realising that the companies loss is balanced by the valued contribution of the employee, their continued goodwill to the company, you the manager, and back to the employee.  A bond is made that stays the course even after this employment
- You plan to stay in touch even after you part business relations, you are both interested in how your future business, personal and company careers develop, in a positive way

I can personally remember leaving my IBM permanent job some decades ago.  And some other positions.   In many cases I got the comment:

/Sorry to see you go,  we think you are making the right choice, we can see it's best for you/

How would you know?

Dogbert Management handbook

For Marcus' last few contracts, if I have felt charmed and engaged by your bossing towards me.  And if you were a great manager who I felt had some respect for my interests then you will almost certainly have received the above Management guide.

Because, if you start practising any of it's contents, you know you are doing something terribly wrong.