Saturday, July 25, 2015

Salomon Speedcross Professional

Subtitle: Just Heavier

If you search through our blog  for Salomon shoes you will see that we are big fans of the brand and that includes the SpeedCross shoes.

What is this shoe for?
My understanding is that this is an Elite trail running shoes like a Salomon Speedcross 3 shoe but with a marginally lower heel drop.  I had thought it was going to be lighter.  But I was totally wrong!  

Todate I have not noticed the reduced heel drop and the weight of the shoes I found surprisingly heavy ...

What am I using it for?

Agata calls it a travesty!  But Marcus' uses include

- Trail running, where terrain does NOT include tarmac: Because the shoe is not comfortable for tarmac running  (see tread)

- Push Scootering !

- General around town shoe:  It's quick  to lace and very comfortable.

So yes,  I'm actually using an Elite trail running shoe as my general around town pottering shoe. Agata is not impressed.

This means I'm eating my way through at least 3 pairs in one year.  (And I don't use these on competitions because our races always include some Tarmac).

Any Other Variants
Salomon now makes a bewildering variety of trail shoes.  Check this link  It is absolutely bonkers!

For me I still would like to try the SpikeCross shoes for snow, they have metal studs in the soles for better traction in the ice.  But then on regular asphalt or any kind of concrete surface it would be sort of a suicide shoe.

Remind me the Good Points again?
- It's as comfortable as a slipper

- Over rough and wet terrain it's the grippiest Salomon shoe I've worn  (on the same level as SpeedCross 3 of course, I did not notice any improvement)
- The quick lacing system allows for minute adjustments in tightness in the middle of a run or race, before the descent stage of a race.
- Quick lacing is great for multiple on / off use.   Say you are touring a countries religious temples where shoes are not allowed inside.  Here they are simply ideal!
- Good protection on shoe sides wrt to stones whilst trail running

- When dirty, pull out the insoles and clean under a strong tap, or put them in the washing machine. They are built tough

A Word About Sizing

The last time I checked I was a UK 9.5, but experience has shown that I'm always a UK 10.5 SpeedCross size.  Consistently Salomon makes this shoe and all Speedcross  /small/ so I have to order large.  You are warned!

Negative Points

- The price is now high compared to Speedcross 3

- The weight at a fatboy 350+ grams  (size 45.3 EUR) is not what I was hoping for. My first speedcross, back in the day, were under 300 grams each.
- The Pro has this white stripe at shoe bottom so they sort of shout, compared to my outgoing SpeedCross 3 which were all black.  I like discrete non shouty shoes

To me, since I use these shoes for more than Trail running I don't think the extra price makes them a good buy, especially since they are so heavy!

When these run out I think I will go back to the SpeedCross 3.

For Winter  running including snow I therefore recommend Speedcross 3 CS (climashield), in Summer the SpeedCross 3 only, and for running in snow only SpikeCross.