Wednesday, July 08, 2015

Review: Zoggs Predator Flex

Do I need Goggles?
The idea of swimming Goggles is that whilst your head is in the water you can keep your eyes open and actually see something.

It is that simple

Oh, and also

- You eyes are protected from the water which might have chemical additives (from a Swimming Pool) or just be generally filthy (say a river) or salty (the sea).

When do we use Goggles?
So, anytime then during a swim session when our heads our in the water, which is any swim training, or race or for Marcus  (not Agata) even whilst Stand Up Paddling, because I keep falling into the water!

It's All about the Fit
To Marcus, swimming goggles must first and foremost fit comfortably and also not let in water whilst you swim, either in the pool or in open water.

A secondary consideration is that they don't look stupid  (cue larger designs that look like you are scuba diving)

Also to me I like the citrus coloured lenses that help brighten up even a dull and overcast day.

After an infinity of picking and choosing different brands and types of swimming goggle I came across the Zoggs Predator Flex.

To me their key selling point is a flexible 4 way bridge between the individual eyecups.  So soft that it helps you form a good seal to the skin.  To me the most comfortable sensibly priced swimming goggles I have found.

What one Did I choose?

Zoggs call these ones: Copper Polarised Ultra Lenses.

But if you don't like them I suggest you look at the full range  (shown here on sale at Wiggle)

Replacement Strategies

I'd advise that after 100 Swims or 12 months, whichever is first you replace these goggles with a new pair.

Also, if you have the luxury, always travel with a spare pair of goggles (say in the car boot) because if you arrive and you've forgotten the normal pair or they break it's the one thing that might stop your workout / swimming race.

For me, the Zoggs Predator Flex lets my eyes have a comfortable, and dry swim session every time. Recommended.

Predator Flex Range (Wiggle)