Friday, July 03, 2015

Razor A5 Lux Scooter Upgrade

I knew those old screws would come in handy one day, Marcus gloated to darling Agata.

Yes indeed, we have just had good opportunity to make use of the /bits salvaged from buggered technology/ jar.

Upgrading our Razor A5 Lux Scooter

You may recall that from knowing nothing about push scooters we went thru a learning curve and bought a Razor A5

But then it finally turned out that this scooter was so cheap and that full upgrading of the scooter (to solid handlebars and different headset etc. ) was not economic

The Middle Way

We wanted to see if there was any modest change that could be made to transform the Razor into the ultimate road push scooter, and we think we have it!

Race Bearings
Back in Marcus' skating days Abec5 bearings were top notch, now I see that you can goto Abec11 precision or even Ceramic bearings.

Given that the weight savings on Ceramic bearings seem to be ridiculous, surely a gram or two (!!), and that Marcus as an old git would say "not sure about these new ceramic fangled stuff" I put in an order for Abec 11

Obviously these are not available in Switzerland for anything less than preposterous prices  (almost the cost of my entire mail order Razor scooter at local shop) so it was back to eBay research and then a 2 week wait for delivery

Actually I need only 4 bearings, 2 at the front and 2 at the back.

So I've got some good old Engineering spares.  Marvellous!

The front wheel was easy to remove, but getting the Abec5 standard bearings out was not, nor putting back the wheel.

Similar hassles for the back wheel, but eventually it was done!

Fixing the Handlebars

On the plus side the Handlebars of the Razor as supplied are short.  On the negative side they are detachable but the locking mechanism leaves a lot to be desired.

- It is basically horribly lose
- It rattles whilst scootering
- I never collapse the handlebars in anyway

So, you can guess what is coming.  Yes, we raided the spare parts jar for some screws and lock washers.

- We dismantled the handlebar ends folding mechanism
- We used the holes from the old spring loaded popups to thread thru and tighten in these screws.

And here is the result


Our Swim coach commented that for scootering on the pavements at night, one should have lights.  So as good Swissies we have fitted them.  We can now flash furiously as we speed towards you.

The Results?

With the Abec 11's installed I can now outroll my darling wife Agata who has the hand me down Micro Scooter to which I recently fitted some new Abec 7 bearings too.  I think that the outrolling is probably due to my larger wheel size, but hey, the Abec 11's are surely helping a little bit right?

And the fixed handlbar ends are just superb.  They totally transform the ride-ability of the scooter.  Plus reduced rattling.

The only real design compromise now is that the low deck of the scooter means that to operate the rear brake there is quite a pronounced foot movement.  So when descending you need to have your non deck foot firmly placed on brake before descent,  an emergency brake would just take too long.

And so: With these two mods I am pretty confident that Agata will soon demand her own Razor with these mods presently as she will get rightly jealous. I think the Razor A5 Lux with these modest changes make for a winning combination.


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