Monday, July 27, 2015

Monday Sermon: A visit to the Hospital

A shaky Start
It is perhaps a vulgar yet honest start, but Marcus and Agata are continually reminded that our funds and lifetimes are very definitely finite.

And so in support of Agata's mothers forthcoming first eye operation we booked economical non refundable nor alterable flights, so that we could be with her during her operation, and provide assistance before and after.

Imaging our mild panic / horror when in transit to Geneva airport we heard via telephone that operation time had been moved to a date outside of our trip.

What a disaster.   

Just Disorganised
Agata's mum was informed of the operation date change via a simple phone call.  No letter or confirmation email.

So we thought we'd visit the hospital to try and change the date again.  After all we'd gone to considerable expense and booked out many days of our time for this procedure.

Marcus' thoughts
- See the consultant or surgeon who is performing the op
- Escalate up the chain until we get a result

What Actually Worked :-)
Agata advised that this was not the right way and so Marcus had to trust the alternative approach

- Goto the hospital in person
- Sign up to registration
- Plead / ask with registration, who seem to be in charge of all scheduling
- Keep pleading and asking
- Marcus was advised not to say anything because it could make matters worse!

I'm glad to say that the personal visit worked and by speaking to the minions (as it were) the operation was eventually rescheduled to an even earlier date than the original  .. when we are around.

The Big Day
So Monday July 27th was the big day. Mum was upbeat before the Operation.   Marcus and Agata were very pleasantly surprised because we were both more anxious than her!

Besides getting up at 05 am to get mum to the hospital, once there there was a lot of waiting. Imagine my surprise then when the complex surgery achievement posters were all on the walls displayed in English and not the local language.

All this did not take away from the unprofessionalism  that Marcus still regarded

- The hospital did not advise us in writing or in email of the new operation date
- On arrival the operation list for the day did not include mum!
- There was no schedule or procedure listed
- We had to fill in forms, but there were no tables, or pens
- There was no waiting room
- There were no chairs only hard benches against a corridor wall to wait.


The Kids go Shopping
As mum went to the operation we went shopping.  There was not much else todo since the Hospital was quite some distance from home. And as I have said there was no waiting room at all.

Most people know that Marcus and Agata pretty much have everything they need in life.  And so we just engaged in /window shopping/.  So much was seen, but almost nothing was bought.

Shops may be full of consumer goods that we don't need or crap that nobody really needs, we have no intention of bringing that to our home.

Post Operation Goodness

- We got mum home safely

- We got home safely

- We immediately started thinking about dinner and also planning to shower and clean everything.  Just because we can.  Hospitals are where the germs are you know.

A lesson to Others
As an ancient person Marcus is aware these days of friends and family with several illnesses. In one case rather than go for surgery which would, if successful, not only arrest the degenerative problem but correct it, they instead continue to argue for reasons why they should do nothing.   They are perhaps, praying for a divine miracle.  And no, I am not kidding.

So, I when I look at the example of Agata's mother who saw the consultants, took the advice, considered the options and then she booked the operation(s).  It is how I hope I would react if I was diagnosed with a serious medical issue that had a good chance of medical correction.

Sometime the body needs medical (and not divine) intervention for a cure.