Tuesday, July 07, 2015

Microsoft All in One Media Keyboard

Besides your primary computer modern households often need a specialist keyboard or two to connect to other devices, for example a Smart [Internet Connected] TV.

Have you ever tried typing in a long URL using the TV on screen keyboard?

Basically torture.

We came across the Microsoft All in One Media Keyboard.  And this is why you might want one

Usage Cases
Plug into your Smart TV and allows you to type stuff in via the keyboard and move the Television cursor around using the trackpad.  We tested this on our Samsung SmartTV.

For mobile warriors.  If you travel with a laptop and connect to an external second screen then you might also consider a second full sized keyboard.   We tested this on our modest Lenovo U430 laptop.

The Features we like

- Not that expensive,  (40 GBP or 60 CHF before discount)

- Tiny usb dongle stows in back of keyboard whilst in transit

- Some of the keys may be reprogrammed or made dead keys  (e.g. the sleep button, which is annoying if accidentally pressed)

- Integrated trackpad so you don't need a separate mouse and mouse USB port

The Gotchas
So here in Switzerland it's available for sale from the Swiss Microsoft store or in major Computer stores.  Small problem: Swiss keyboard.  What a nightmare.

I called Microsoft Switzerland and they confirmed they only sell the Swiss keyboard layout here.  Hmm

[Note: I may be Apple critical but to their credit, worldwide when you buy an Apple product it can have the local keyboard or a US one.  Nice one, Apple.]

We had ours delivered by International visitor!

To summarise
For our smart TV control and for remote mobile workstation this keyboard continues to be a very good buy.

UK Microsoft All in One Media Keyboard
Microsoft mouse and keyboard centre sw