Tuesday, July 14, 2015

La Favorite Cycle 2015

To start with a small apology: La Favorite 2015 cycle race   was made about 1 week ago on Sunday July 5th, 2015, but we have been too busy until now to write it up .....

We are signing up on the day meaning a large surcharge. Still we have the benefit of starting in guaranteed good weather.  In fact it is rather too hot already and it is only 07.30 !!

A mini expo outside the starting line

We are a little disappointed to find that subsciptions on the day only get a shirt and a pasta party voucher.   If you signed up earlier you get a bag full of goodies too.

Marcus is already dressed in longs! 

With Marcus' sensitive skin he is unable to wear the race short sleeved shirt :-(

Marcus bicycle complete with new Dura Ace 24 wheels fitted after last weeks crash at La Romandie .  Per-ching.

The start is here in 15 minutes

Some 60km later ...

 A lot of smiling riders but all hot.  It is at least 35 degrees Centigrade.

 Bicycles discarded as cyclists race to refreshments.

And quite literally the hottest cyclist in the competition is Marcus in long clothing.  

I can say that I am sweating like a little piggy.

We get to 90Km ....
We've just finished a massive 5Km+ relentless climb.  In the 35 degree+ heat this was not fun.

Just to be really annoying the last part of the climb went over multiple sheep grids.  I walked over the first one when I saw another cyclist go straight over them.  I followed suit for the rest.

At this the second stop we had unlimited supplies of oranges, bananas and also isotonic water for marcus. Yum.

Just one more fresh orange.  I can hardly stop eating them all!

And now at 130Km ....

 We made it.  At last.  We have never been hotter.

 Take me to your cold shower immediately!

We just completed La Favorit 2015

We finished off with one of the longest and most comprehensive cold showers that we can remember, followed by pasta and some wine/ beer.

La Favorite 2015 official website